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I keep dancing on my own.



I did this using my Roland GW-8 workstation, the Korg MicroKorg for the vocoder parts, and that's it.
Robyn, I love you. 
If you haven't heard the original: www.youtube.com/watch


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All you need is LOVTres

Remember LOVTres? The band I play with?
Billboard: All You Need is LOVTres
All you need is LOVTres.

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Inspired by Wendy Carlos, and by watching the Nutcracker with the Saint Petersburg Ballet,  I made this version of the Nutcracker Suite, using only a free virtual synth, the MinimogueVA, which is an emulation of the Minimoog. Yes you can get it for free at http://www.home.no/gunnare/
Using instances (up to 17 at the same time, my processor was crying) to form an emulated synth orchestra, to play the suite. Of course, Wendy Carlos used a Modular Moog, and recorded a single freaking note at the time, but I wanted to finish before Christmas :3 Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

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El Camino

El camino no se acaba
continuaré sin descanso
Si logro llegar hasta el punto final
donde no hay más por andar

Y desde ahí me acordaré de ti
y escucharas mi voz cerca de ti
Esperare que tu puedas venir
y compartir de aqui a la eternidad

No tu no te olvidaras de mi
Yo voy a hacerte recordar.

The road doesn't end
I'll keep going on without rest
If i make it to the final destination
where there's no more to walk

And from there I'll remember you
And you'll hear my voice close to you
I'll wait for you to come
and to share from here to eternity

No, you won't forget about me
I'm gonna make you remember.

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We're almost done

Seré tu aire si tu eres mi aliento*
Oh honey I need a new love like you
The Sun is shining y yo vivo en Invierno**
just give me your love, I need a new love.

*I'll be your air if you're my breath
** and I live in Winter

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For Twitters

If you're on Twitter, set your location to Tehran & your time zone to GMT +3.30. Iranian security forces are hunting for bloggers using location/timezone searches. The more people at this location, the more of a logjam it creates for forces trying to shut down Iranians' access to the internet. Cut & paste & pass it on.

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The Planet/El Planeta

So NatGeo is having a contest on MySpace.

The Latinamerican branch(?) of NatGeo has a MySpace page and they're having this contest for the Earth Day, calling all musicians and bands to send a song with an ecological theme, And the selected winner will get his/her/their song played on Earth Day on NatGeo TV.

I told about this to the rest of LOVTres, and they weren't too hot about the idea.
So I grabbed my virtual vintage synths and did a song.
I used a sample of my dad's water pump and some birds I recorded with my cellphone.
I even wrote lyrics to it.
But not even a vocoder would help me on this case, so it stayed instrumental.

I submitted the song as solo project jayceeloop. According to the rules on http://www.myspace.com/comunidadnatgeo They will open voting and let people decide who'll win.

So I go and check the page to see if my song is there, as it was instrumental, and I was doubting it'll get through the "it has to have an ecological theme" filter.

So to my surprise, there are 11700+ songs submitted, In alphabetical order.
And since the mechanics for submission was to upload your song to your myspace, some guys submitted like 6 songs each.

I found myself on the middle of page 330 of 754 pages. took me like 10 minutes to find it.

WHAT THE HELL?? how is people gonna like, vote for me when I'm in the middle of the yellow pages of eco-themes!

I took the direct URL.


if you got a MySpace account, AND you're logged in, you can click on the link and takes you to the "popup" player where you can listen to the song and vote... your rating!
yeah because you're not just voting for it, you're rating it.

So I guess the one that gets more voting with the best rating wins eh?

Give me a 10.

Oh and the song changes when you vote, so vote til the song is completely done or you will miss a really sweet, melancholic virtual Mini-Moog solo.

If you like it too much and want to have it, you can of course, download the song from Jamendo:

For free. Viva Creative Commons.

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Things and things

Tuesday I helped Albert clean up the front yard (well the little patch of land that's in front of the house).
The weather was so delightfully warm and cloudy.
Terexe got her car back! back as new too. Which is great so now began practicing again.

We got a gig this Saturday. Omar's open house party.

I've seen this Nat Geo contest on Myspace, inviting bands and musicians to submit an ecological themed track, winner will be played on The Earth Day. (On Nat Geo TV I suppose)
I told Tere and Albert, hoping to get them interested on writing a song for it.

They didn't so I decided to do it solo so, allow me to present "El Planeta"

I even wrote some lyrics for it, but I think they're not that good. Besides I recorded them with my cellphone and ran them through a vocoder, but that sounds just horrendous as I can't sing.
I got the works on this one. CS-80V, Analog Factory, Mr.Ray 73 electric piano, TAL's U-NO-62 synth for bass (Juno 60 bass OMG!) , ARP 2600 V, and a Minimoog V solo.

I will ask for votes for this song later when the voting is open :D

Today it's got cold. and rainy. it's down to 6°C and rainy.
We practiced.
I got paid some money I had lended and it's all good.

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